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Proton AI Traffic Management System, is an Advanced Traffic Manager incorporating Smart Detect Technology ??, which stealthily detects and protects your site from hit bots and inhuman traffic. Built using pure " Proton AI " algorithms. Suitable for TGP's/MGP's and High Traffic, Quality Sites.

To start trading send at least 20 hits
with productivity at least 100%
  • NO tube sites!
  • NO ClicksAgent!
  • NO subdomains!
  • NO iframes on your pages!
  • Your site must have a visible top list.
  • Your site must be indexed by Google!
  • Trades with bad productivity may be deleted w/o notice.
  • Absolutely NO CP, under@ge, besti@lity and other illegal stuff!
  • Minimum trade is 20 uniques per day or you'll be auto-disabled!
  • Warning! Since March 2007 I've blocked Chinese traffic on all my sites!
  • NO consoles, NO autoinstalles, NO exploits, NO auto bookmarks, NO shit generally!
  • I don't trade with Sites using Videoscash or similar Sponsors which pay for (Codec) Installs.
  • Min skim >= 60% (10% to noref and search engines, and 60% to everything else is NOT 60% skim!).
  • NO HARDCORE sites, please (a small amount of hardcore may be ok, depending on the rest of your content)
  • New trades are DISABLED by default until they have been reviewed (at least twice a day). You must force some traffic (20 hits) within a 24 hour period so that I can review your traffic.
  • You ADD = You FORCE!!! Trades NOT sending traffic for 24 hours will be deleted!!!

Email: contact_at_hq-trades_dot_com, ICQ: 58956905, FreeCJ
Site name: Just Nude Women

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